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Love, Lattes, and Lonely Hearts

Love, lattes, and laughter at sunrise. Are they enough to mend the brokenhearted?

Trouble chases Rio Daniels no matter what she does. When old letters surface, the answers she’s spent a lifetime seeking may be with the siblings she hasn’t seen since she was five.

Luke Casey’s life revolves around making everyone else happy while ignoring his own dreams. After one too many heartbreaks, Luke is done being the runner-up in his own life. All he wants is a quiet life renovating his house.

When Rio’s family reunion turns into more pain, she takes shelter at Luke’s house, disturbing his sunrise latte peace. One cup at a time, laughter turns these strangers into friends. 


But is it enough to heal their lonely hearts and turn their friendship into something more, something that lasts a lifetime?

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Love at the Bluebonnet Inn

He’s a disgraced doctor who longs for a new life. She’s a single mother struggling to keep the one she has.


A year after being promoted to Chief of Pediatric Surgery, Doctor Jason Logan made one bad decision that changed the course of his life forever. The only symbol left of all his hard work and dedication is his prized Maserati. 


Codi Richards is a widow with a mountain of debt, an inheritance in serious need of repairs, and a ‘tween with a chip the size of Texas perched on his shoulder. Not to mention, her mother-in-law would like nothing more than to see her fail. 


Their relationship starts with a boom when her son welcomes the doctor by gifting his Maserati with a new hood ornament…her house.


Can love blossom despite the wreckage and debris before the dust settles?


Under a Christmas Moon

What happens when you cross a snow-loving Christmas-fanatic and a swoon-worthy grinch with Santa issues? Stubborn hearts collide under the magic of a Christmas moon.


Quinn McAllister swears off self-serving Romeos and comes home to Elf Hollow, Minnesota, to help the woman who raised her. When Henrietta dies, loyal Christmas-loving Quinn sets out to create a magical Christmas memory to honor the woman who was the closest thing she had to family. 


Ash Larsen has spent a lifetime living up to his family’s low expectations. When he and his brother inherit a multi-million dollar business from their great-aunt, Ash sees his chance to prove he’s worthy and escape his soul-crushing life. He doesn’t have time for the sentimental Christmas hype that oozes from every street corner of Elf Hollow. Forced to work together through December or lose their inheritance, they have to find common ground. But Quinn would rather knock playboy Ash’s shallow, southern-clad bottom into the nearest snow pile. And Ash is convinced too-serious-for-her-own-good Quinn wouldn’t know fun if it kissed her on her frigid blue lips. Sparks fly in this opposites-attract battle over money, family secrets, and tradition. When the defenses come down, and real love comes calling, what will they choose?


It Happened One Winter

Two different soldiers. Two different letters. One had ended a childhood promise. The other had given false hope. Can Lina unlock her heart and learn to love again?


Adalina Moretti hates chocolate. But that doesn’t stop her from turning out hand-carved chocolates for the family business during the day, and building elaborate dollhouses for charity at night. With her parents retired and her twin sister living her best life in Hollywood, Lina finds herself alone—and the artistic introvert is fine with that. The last thing she expects or wants is a handsome holiday crasher disrupting her solitary life.

Grayson Carter has never met a stranger. A career Army man, he views the military as his family, and can’t wait to get back in after a Purple Heart injury and a medical discharge—but first he has to be accepted and succeed in a radical rehab program. Waiting isn’t easy for the antsy soldier, so the chance to thank the pen pal whose letters got him through his darkest hours is the perfect distraction. And who doesn’t love a town like Cardinal Point that is famous for Christmas? But Gray didn’t count on Lina’s high walls, and Lina didn’t count on Gray’s persistence. Can these two find common ground in a whirlwind of secrets and a Christmas romance?

Anything is possible in Cardinal Point at Christmastime.

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